Current Business Loan Rates for 2011

There are many new things going in the loan market these days. Business loan rates for 2011 are predicted to be a bit higher than they have been. It would seem with all the bailout money that the banks are getting they would be a bit more inclined to help the people that actually supplied that bailout money.

In fact banks are taking every precaution that they can as they have watched business after business fold. What does this mean to the small business owner that needs to borrow some money to keep a float or to expand? It means you may have to look at different sources to get what you need.

Interest Rates and Your Money

Out of desperation a lot of business owners will go and pay exorbitant rates just to get the money that they need. This of course is foolhardy. If you needed to borrow the money in the first place taking on more debt in the form of higher interest rates is probably not the best plan.

If you must pay higher rates than you need to cut back on the term. You do not want to take on higher interest rates and pay it out for as long as the bank will go. In the end you will be losing big time.

Find Other Options

If as predicted the business loan rates for 2011 are going to be pretty high, look at some other options. If it is money that you will need for the short term, look at selling off some of your invoices. There are companies that will pay you right now for your invoices. Say you have $100,000 in invoices out there waiting to be paid out, you can sell those invoices and say lose 3% of the money but have the money within 24 hours. Definitely better than paying the higher rate to the bank.

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