Are You Benefiting From the Current Business Trends?

With the shake up in the world’s economy over the last 24 months the way of doing business has changed for ever and if you are not moving with the trends you will be washed away in the Tsunami.

The trends are as follows:

1. Companies are downsizing = sacking masses of people and you could have been or are about to be one of them.
2. Direct sales companies are growing like crazy and that includes MLM or Network marketing companies because they have a very low or no stat up costs.
3. Business has shifted from being in the shop or the office to being ONLINE! And boy here’s a huge subject because there are so many great ways to make money online, the amazing thing here is that so many people from varied backgrounds and faceless are make huge amounts of money Today! Some of the ways covered are Blogs, Article marketing, Social Media, PPC, CPA, Coupons and even representing the major Retailers.

Now if you are anything like me semi retired and enjoy you r grandchildren or children the natural choice would be to work your own hours from home. Now if you decide to pursue this way I now you will love working from home because when it’s raining you can stay indoors, when it’s snowing you can stay indoors. Now if you don’t have a computer no matter you can actually start out using one in your local library and best of all it’s free. The Skills required are:

1. The ability to read.
2. The ability to click a mouse.

You will need to study all of the great online ways of making money and do some due diligence [research] and select one that suits you and your skills set, your passion or your hobby. Perhaps you need to learn more about the fastest ways to make money today you could read one of the many expert review sites online by subscribing and studying reviews each month until you find what you are looking for.


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Opportunities and Challenges Facing Current Business

In today’s business world, many entrepreneurs/professionals face similar challenges on a day to day basis. Regardless of how large a company may be, one of the greatest issues will always be the people. Recently I was able to sit down and talk with Paul Watts, Senior Director of Store Layout at the Walmart Home Office, who began his career with the company working in marketing and merchandising. When discussing people, Paul says that leading a team naturally creates several issues in the workplace, whether it is actually getting people to show up and do their work or simply doing the correct work at the correct time, there will almost always be some kind of issue. Additionally, a threat that people pose to a business is the threat of time theft which ties into an ethical issue within the company. Paul tells me that it is not uncommon for employees to clock in and proceed to do various activities that should not be done on company time, such as going to the gym. This is considered direct theft from the company as it is stealing money to do personal activities (or even do nothing at all). Must all employees be monitored for a few employees mistakes?

Another issue in business is the challenge of keeping up with ever changing technology. It seems as though as soon as one form is learned, a new one emerges, challenging professionals to stay as up to date as possible in the new happenings in the tech industry. For example, Walmart is currently facing a period in which they must make the decision to either stay true to their big box discount style store, or up their e-commerce to attempt to compete with sites such as Amazon and AliBaba. Their current focus within the company is to fully integrate the physical and digital environment to truly compete and stay afloat over the next several years. This integration is also an attempt to create an easier and more enjoyable shopping experience for their customers. One of the newest innovations Walmart has rolled out to take a step above competitors is grocery pick up, in which customers go online and select everything they want to purchase and when they will be at the store, and an employee will bring out all of the pre-ordered groceries and load them in their car, lowering grocery shopping time at the store from about an hour to about 3 minutes.

In the movement towards this integration of the digital environment within business, another issue arises involving the safeguarding of company information. Security is of highest importance when it comes to securing important data, whether that is data on customers and sales or your strategy, plans, and processes for tackling problems. If your competitors find out the way that the business runs daily, you run the risk of losing the leverage you had as an innovative and original problem solving company.

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An Honest Online Marketing Training System That Goes Beyond Your Current Business Techniques, Part 3

Strength of Relationships With Influence

The third step on how to use an honest Online Marketing Training System is to help you establish and contribute to the strength and value of positive Relationships. As a 3% leader, be sure to facilitate 3% conversations. Have these conversations daily. Be willing to influence your followers to adhere to the instructions of top-producing industry leaders. Master-mind with these leaders. Learn from both their mistakes and accomplishments. Master-minding with top leaders is key to providing positive influence on relationships. Be in the People business, not the Product business. Be in the Influence business, not the Income business.

Positive conversations and influence are needed in a world filled with dishonesty, greed, and pride. Any relationships, personal or business, need to be founded on the basis of integrity, contentment, and humility. True leaders use an honest Online Marketing Training System that demonstrates love, respect, and honor. Do you and your business exemplifying these qualities? Are you building positive relationships with conversations that emphasize integrity and value?

Committing to positive relationships takes daily preparation so you can demonstrate love, respect, and honor. Because leadership is a choice, preparation involves honesty with yourself, your “Why”, and your purpose. Leaders meet the needs of others first and give more than they take. For 2 Corinthians 9:7 states that, “God loves a cheerful giver” (NKJV). As a Servant-Leader, you must provide value instead of cheap marketing tactics and techniques. You build quality relationships on the premise of being REAL!

Making A Difference…Again and Again!

Every Online Marketing Training System offers some kind of “promise” and duplicating properties. However, not all Online Marketing Training Systems provide innovative tools and support for leaders in the areas of Self-Mastery, taking Action, and positive Relationships. The particular Online Marketing Training System I use provides sound advice, extensive support, and customized resources, which have molded me into the Servant-Leader I am today. The system is built on integrity. It models character that exemplifies excellence and demonstrates generous giving. As a leader desiring genuine success, you need to diligently evaluate your current business techniques that do not work and use an honest system that can be duplicated…carbon copied. When we do, we make a difference so others will make a difference. The result? Our world becomes a better place for all of us!

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